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Hey Monday Hit NY

ThesusieQ stopped in Syracuse to catch the rad band with her camera. Set off!

There For Tomorrow

TFT brought their blood, sweat and energy to the Orpheum in Tampa, Fl. Trendysecret shot ‘em up.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow – Which Is the Biggest Hair Tragedy of 2008?

On Buzznet, we’ve been obsessing over the coming of a new year and the ending of this one for a long time. For the past couple of weeks, all we’ve heard are highlights of this fantastic year that brought us Obama mania, the Dark Knight and Folie a Deux.

But while some of us were out rocking the vote, others were out rocking the interwebz with complaints.

Complaints about what, you ask?

Hair. That frizzy, curly, straight, red, black, pink or brown stuff on top of your head (or, if you’re Bruce Willis, that unattainable glory). Hair was big in 2008, whether you’ve realized it or not. Forget Obama and McCain: which hair fiasco reigned supreme in 2008?

Pete Wentz & Ashlee Simpson Show Off Bronx for X-Mas

A Christmas gift from Pete, Ashlee and Bronx.  

Presenting a special kind of preciousness, courtesy FOE. Doesn’t it make you all warm and fuzzy inside?

Christmas in Hollis

“The rhymes you hear are the rhymes of Darryl’s, but each and every year we bust Christmas carols.”

Runtime: 00 hrs 03 min 00 sec

Merry Christmas Everybody

The glam rock quartet Slade performs their iconic British Christmas classic.

Runtime: 00 hrs 03 min 32 sec

Gerard Way Narrates “X-Mas Detritus”

Watch out, Tim Burton. Looks like you’ve got another creepy kooky filmmaker on your tail. X-Mas Detritus is a stop-motion, gothic holiday tale written and directed by Aurelio Voltaire and narrated by none other than Gerard Way. Peep this and you might not look at presents the same way again.

5 Movie Kiss

5 Movie Kiss

THIS VIDEO IS PURELY FAN-MADE, AND IS IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED WITH THE ANIMATION COMPANIES OR MUSICAL ARTISTS IN ANY WAYSong: Pictures of you – The Last Goodnight1) The Holiday (Odette Yustman + Alex O’Loughlin)2) Enemy at the Gates (Rachel Weisz + Jude Law)3) Step Up (Drew Sidora + Mario)4) Into the Blue (Jessica Alba + Paul Walker)5) Music & Lyrics (Drew Barrymore + Hugh Grant)6) The Holiday (Cameron Diaz + Jude Law)7) Step Up (Jenna Dewan + Channing Tatum)8) The Beach (Virginie Ledoyen + Guillaume Canet)9) Cold Mountain (Nicole Kidman + Jude Law)10) Once Upon a Time in Mexico (Eva Mendes + Johnny Depp)11) Step Up (Jenna Dewan + Channing Tatum)12) Romeo + Juliet (Claire Danes + Leonardo DiCaprio)13) Enemy at the Gates (Rachel Weisz + Jude Law)14) Wimbledon (Kirsten Dunst + Paul Bettany)15) Moulin Rouge (Nicole Kidman + Ewan McGregor)16) Romeo + Juliet (Claire Danes + Leonardo DiCaprio)17) Step Up (Jenna Dewan + Channing Tatum)18) Into the Blue (Jessica Alba + Paul Walker)19) The Island (Scarlett Johansson + Ewan McGregor)
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